I am a portrait and wedding photographer from Dumfries in the South West of Scotland.

After following my first love of music, performing as a guitarist in bands throughout Scotland I discovered photography as a new outlet for my creative tendencies. I quickly became drawn to portraiture and the relationship of light and gesture to capture peoples best moments. I love light, both natural and artificial the way light interplays between the subjects and the camera is fascinating and creates endless opportunities to explore.

“Shadow is my canvas, light is my paint”
Cliff Mautner

Being quite photo phobic myself, it is important to me that people feel confident and relaxed being photographed. My goal is to capture, and certainly only share, the images where people look amazing. Everyone has seen that photo where they feel the real them was captured, by using the correct equipment and guidance I can hopefully bring that out in every frame we create.

If you like my images and would like to discuss what you have in mind why not get in touch to get the ball rolling.

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In addition to professional work I am always looking for interesting personal projects. If you are an aspiring model or musician, or if you work in the beauty or creative industries I am always eager to hear from people who would like to collaborate on work for tests or portfolios.